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Privacy Policy :

Your Privacy is important to us. We assure you that we do not sell your information to any third party in any circumstances unless any law / legal body requires to do so.

Disclaimer  &  Important Info:

  • We try to use free / opensource resources / plugins for our templates, still please check respective plugin/resource licenses for Personal /commercial use. Whereas our specific code/work is free to use for personal and professional/commercial use.
  • If you/user/any person  found any content on this website that violates any law or have any legal issues please contact us. We will remove that content after review.
  • All images/photos we used if belongs to other authors, then that photos/images are the property of other authors and if any one use it , then the person( using that image) should ask for proper license from the original author or buy that image from original author.
  • We kept original authors links in there respective file/works or give credits on our pages. If any author want to remove there work from our website please contact us (via contact page) or mail us at info@binarytheme.com
  • We use and thank to other authors whose plugins or resources we used to power our templates/themes . And we give credits to authors. Please write us if you found your code used inappropriately. We remove or change code to make it proper. Thanks for using our website. Thanks to all authors whose codes we use and love.
  • We use images that  are free to use , if you or anyone found any image improperly used then please write us , we will remove that image if found illegally used.
  • All Posts/templates are posted/uploaded by independent authors,  if you find any legal issues  then please contact us via contact us page or mail us at info@binarytheme.com we will remove that post and ban that author after review.